Traffic predictions

By carrying out in-depth analysis of the data we’ve collected over the years, Mediamobile has developed unique algorithms capable of generating the market’s best traffic.

Reference speeds

We regard historical data on traffic conditions as a key resource for producing reliable predictions over the short, medium and long term. Our historical data is taken from our extensive archives of raw travel speed data. By aggregating and analyzing field data, we’ve calculated average speeds in free-flowing traffic conditions for every single segment of road in the road networks we cover.

Speed profiles

Our speed profiles are generated by cross-referencing different types of historical data, adjusted for each country according to vacation periods, seasonal holidays, peak hours and other predictable events specific to each country. The result is a calendar of speed profiles by region, containing the most accurate projections for the coming twelve-month period.

Daily traffic forecasts

Our daily forecasts are obtained by cross-referencing data from our speed profiles with traffic conditions in real time and in the short-term future. This produces an overview of local traffic conditions over the next 12 hours.

Short-term traffic forecasts with weather

This short-term info flow is our most advanced traffic information flow of all. Combining not only historical and current traffic data, it also includes any potentially hazardous weather events likely to disrupt traffic over the next few hours.