Traffic events

Based on hundreds of sources and augmented by user feedback, our traffic events service provides real-time details – accessible automatically or manually – of disruptions or incidents on the road network. Warnings are transmitted in the form of events: each event includes a detailed description plus location, direction and duration. We provide the best information and coverage available, depending on the structure of the road network in the country concerned, the technology used, and the format required. 


Our service advises motorists of accidents, road works, road closures, breakdowns and other traffic incidents in real time.


We gather information on slowdowns, stop/start driving and traffic jams – as they are develop, in real time. We process the information to produce detailed warnings that include the speeds involved and the length of the queues. Thanks to a network of road sensors and thousands of location updates received form vehicles on the road, our data is exceptionally accurate.

Tourist events*

Our service provides useful information on sporting events, exhibitions and trade fairs, including estimates of their probable impact on traffic and parking. All information is verified by operators in our own traffic information centers.

Animal hazards*

Being involved in a collision with a wild animal is one of the things that Nordic drivers fear most. Our V-Traffic surveillance service warns drivers about roads that wild animals are likely to cross – especially when our traffic statistics predict a high risk of such crossings based on historical data covering accidents, seasonal movements and times of day.

Police checkpoints and high-risk areas*

Avoid unpleasant surprises on the road. Our service warns you of high-risk areas, police checkpoints, and mobile radar and speed camera units near where you are. Our information is based on information supplied by the authorities, plus reports by road users.

*Content vary by region, depending on local conditions and legislation in force.