The values we care about

Constantly adjusting our approach to local needs

We develop and market a complete range of services – and deliver them across most of Europe. Our philosophy is simple – we aim to deliver the best possible information to users, tailored to their local circumstances. Because as far as mobility issues are concerned, the solution that’s right for one region isn’t necessarily right for another. To achieve our high standards of reliability we apply a local approach – not global – to local markets.

Unique expertise

Since the beginning, Mediamobile has leveraged its specific expertise in the transmission technologies for designing broadcast (RDS-TMC, DAB-TPEG), connected mobile (2G/3G/4G) and multimedia (XML, IP) services with optimal performances.

Rigorous quality control

Traffic information isn’t an exact science – but we’re doing our best to turn it into one!

Making sure our data is top-quality, reliable and up to date – that’s always been Mediamobile’s key priority. We collect and collate raw traffic data from a hundred different traditional source networks and keep track – 100% anonymously – of millions of mobile phones and probe vehicles (FCD). By cross-referencing all this data to eliminate any inaccuracies, we further refine the quality of our information.

Finding new ways to achieve excellence

Mediamobile is continually investing in excellence – in the services we develop, the research we conduct, the relationships we build with our customers and users. We take pride in being a solid, reliable partner at local and international level, committed to our customers’ projects over the long term and maintaining a steady focus on future needs.

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