V-Traffic, TDF and Alpine are announcing the launch of Radiobridge

WorldDAB Automotive on 21st of June 2017 in Munich:
V-Traffic, TDF and Alpine are announcing the launch of Radiobridge, the smart hybrid radio solution for better radio program listening continuity.


For the most reliable and continuous radio enjoyment in the vehicle, V-Traffic, the real-time traffic information specialist, will be announcing the launch of Radiobridge, its hybrid radio solution for OEMs, at the WorldDAB Automotive event, on the 21st of June 2017 in Munich. Jointly developed with TDF and already integrated by Alpine Electronics in its latest infotainment platform, this solution will offer the very best in radio program reception quality and listening continuity, enriching the in-car audience comfort.

A winning partnership for car makers

Radiobridge is the result of a close collaboration between Mediamobile, a major real-time info traffic service provider and publisher of the V-Traffic solutions, and TDF, the French leader of media content management and broadcasting. This service has just been integrated by Alpine Electronics, the specialist in mobile infotainment solutions, to its latest connected platform.
This hybrid approach enables broadcast and mobile networks to work in combination to offer the best listening experience in next generation infotainment solutions. As users’ behaviours evolve and the market moves to new business cases, Radiobridge helps to keep the OEM infotainment systems modern and flexible.


An optimal reception quality, with no delays between bearers

V-Traffic and TDF have developed the "Radiobridge Seamless Switch" service to overcome the time gaps when switching between radio receiver (FM/DAB) and IP (3G / 4G) sources. Radiobridge brings an innovative solution to the reception delays that can be experienced switching a live radio program from broadcasting (FM or DAB) to IP Streaming (3/4G).
When the live reception signal gets weak, for instance as the vehicle enters a tunnel, the infotainment system automatically searches for an alternative to the same live program. Thanks to Radiobridge, it can seamlessly switch to the new bearer, offering a perfect program continuity and extending the radio reception coverage.
The service is already available for many radio programs throughout Europe, enabling journeys free from noise or drop out.

To deliver the best reception of radio programs, Radiobridge from V-Traffic offers complementary modes of broadcasting adapted to each situation:

  • Broadcast with FM radio channel and Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB).

  • Connected broadcasting via mobile phone networks ( 3G/4G).


Radiobridge Seamless Switch Illustration


Time shifting programs, and more…

Radiobridge also offers the convenient "Stop and Resume" service, which works on the same principle as the "pause" button on a remote control. So, when choosing this option, for instance because the driver is answering a phone call or has to leave the car, the service makes it possible to resume listening to the program later on from the point where the program was last left, using a dedicated IP Stream from the Radiobridge Platform.

Radiobridge Stop & Resume Illustration


Radiobridge API and SDKs are fully customizable and can be adapted to any OEM audio architecture or specific request. An additional advantage is a lower data consumption and minimal on-board data storage requirements. Radiobridge and its "Seamless Switch" and "Stop and Resume" features are expandable to all countries and to most radio programs worldwide. The team is already working on additional exciting services to be presented and demonstrated in the next few months.


We will be happy to demonstrate our services at WorldDAB Automotive event. Please contact us for a demo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and check our website: www.radiobridge.io


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