Ericsson and V-Traffic in collaboration for better safety and smoother traffic flows

Ericsson, a world leader in communications technology and services, has chosen Mediamobile, a leading supplier of road traffic information, as a data provider for the Ericsson Connected Traffic Cloud.

This agreement opens up new opportunities for both traffic authorities and motorists to obtain better, more comprehensive traffic information – and thus create not only smoother flows but also safer roads for traffic. The first stage is a demo installation in Kista, Stockholm. 


The agreement between Mediamobile and Ericsson will be introduced during the international ITS conference in Bordeaux on 5-9 October 2015, and will see the Ericsson Connected Traffic Cloud being linked up with Mediamobile’s market-leading traffic information service V-Traffic. V-Traffic will provide Ericsson with access to all relevant data and information about the traffic situation in real time, from queues and traffic jams to accidents, changes in road surface conditions, roadworks, wildlife warnings and so on. Being potentially able to provide both traffic authorities and motorists with information creates conditions for more efficient traffic flows and, not least of all, enhanced safety and fewer risks on the roads. According to the latest figures from the WHO, there are 1.24 million fatalities on roads, as well as enormous costs – unnecessary fuel consumption, etc. – and environmental impact as a consequence of traffic jams, queues and inefficient flows. In the USA alone, these costs are estimated at more than 100 billion US dollars a year.

Ericsson Connected Traffic Cloud, which was introduced earlier this year, is a cloud-based platform that makes it possible to share traffic information in real time between, for example, connected vehicles and traffic authorities. By combining the platform with V-Traffic, the volume of information and data will be extremely powerful and comprehensive, providing authorities, car manufacturers and connected motorists better base data to plan traffic and make driving easier on the roads, from both a safety and a traffic flow perspective.

“Traditionally, road traffic information, especially for motorists, has focused on showing them the quickest route to a destination only. With V-Traffic, totally new opportunities become available, as we also transmit warnings of frost, wild animals, accidents and other factors that affect and disrupt the rhythm on the roads. Together with Ericsson Connected Traffic Cloud, we're creating the market’s most modern solution for comprehensive road traffic information,” says Petter Djerf, Sales & Key Account Director for Scandinavia at Mediamobile.

The first step in the agreement is a demo installation and test run in Kista, Stockholm, which is also where Ericsson’s head office is situated.

“Mobile connectivity is increasingly becoming a must in modern cars, thanks to both consumer demand for infotainment and a host of government initiatives to improve safety on the roads. This newfound connectivity is also making cars an important source of data to help improve the traffic authorities’ ability to manage traffic flows and prevent accidents. Connected Traffic Cloud, together with V-Traffic, enables this positive contribution to public safety,” says Jenny Könberg, Head of Intelligent Traffic Systems at Ericsson.