V-Traffic and Volvo Car Finland collaborate to reduce animal-vehicle collision hazard

Helsinki, September 30th, 2015: For the start of Finland’s 2015 hunting season, Mediamobile has developed a new, active elk warning system in the North Karelia region as part of its V-Traffic service.

The system, based on real-time and statistical data, warns road users of the risk of animal-vehicle collision ahead. Extensively tested in a joint initiative with Volvo Car Finland, the service will be rolled out nationwide and integrated in Volvo vehicles from 2016.

Animal-vehicle collisions are a major safety issue in northern Europe. In 2013, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency recorded 1,517 road accidents involving elks, representing a total cost of EUR 53 million. In Sweden, over 47.000 accidents were recorded by the National Wildlife Accident Council, whereof 5141 with elks, in 2014; in Norway, 8313 road collisions with wild animals were recorded in 2014.

Public campaigns in Nordic countries aim to raise drivers’ awareness of this road hazard and reduce the number of animal-vehicle collisions. By reducing speed during twilight hours, drivers can substantially improve their chances of avoiding accidents. But if the collision risk is to be minimised, auto manufacturers and road management agencies agree that a more proactive approach is needed.

Mediamobile has developed a new large-animal warning system broadcast by RDS-TMC technology – also offered as part of the company’s high-quality European V-Traffic service. The solution uses multiple information sources such as real-time GPS-tracking information collected by registered hunters of the Finnish Hunter Organisation, combined with animal-vehicle collision statistics compiled over several years. By analysing wild animals’ movement patterns and behaviour, the V-Traffic service indicates precisely when and where the risk of road-user encounters with elks or other large animals is highest.

Extensively tested in a joint initiative with Volvo Car Finland, the service was recently presented during a public driving awareness campaign organised by the Finnish Hunters’ Organisation and Finnish Driving Schools’ Association in collaboration with Mediamobile, the Finnish Wildlife Agency and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.

European issue

Across Europe, large animals are frequently involved in collisions with vehicles. Based on popular RDS-TMC broadcast technology, a standard adopted by most vehicle manufacturers, V-Traffic’s new warning service is ideal for in-car navigation systems, and is actively supported by government agencies and regulatory bodies in northern Europe. Combined with other automated driver-assist solutions such as emergency braking, ESP and active cruise control, the new system represents a significant step towards further improving road-user safety and reducing the costs associated with animal-vehicle collisions.

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