May 2013 - Mediamobile Delivers First Digital Radio Traffic Service in Germany

Today Mediamobile announced the launch of the first German national traffic and travel service on DAB+ digital radio, using the TPEG protocol.

Two new V-Traffic DAB services are now broadcast live in Germany. Traffic alerts (TEC) inform drivers of events such as accidents, road closures and road works, and traffic flow information (TFP) provides precise travel speed information, with updates on congestion across 190,000 km of the national road network. Both services can be accessed via in-car digital radios or infotainment systems, as well as personal navigation devices (PND).

The DAB+ network used for the new services offers a broadcast capacity more than 400 times higher than existing RDS-TMC services in Germany. For motorists, this means richer and more accurate traffic information. The system reports 20 times more traffic events, plus new types of events – along with precise location details and real-time road speed information. Drivers can now prepare their journeys more easily, find best routes based on traffic conditions, and estimate their arrival times more precisely.

The V-Traffic Premium DAB service is based on selected, top-quality data provided by Mediamobile’s local partners. The information is analysed, processed and quality-checked by the company’s traffic experts to offer the best possible country-wide traffic overview. Mediamobile is planning to extend its German DAB service in the future by adding other services.

Mediamobile to launch DAB traffic services across Europe

Mediamobile is the leading operator of traffic information services in France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland, all marketed under the V-Traffic brand. The company is a subsidiary of TDF, the European leader in terrestrial broadcast, telecommunications and satellite services.
To support the company’s first German traffic information service and provide a local presence, Mediamobile also announced the opening of a local office near Stuttgart.

“Our expansion into Germany is the next logical step in Mediamobile’s European development,” explains European Sales Director Andrew Nash. “We’ve identified a strong need in the German market for an uncompromising service capable of meeting end-user demand for high-quality traffic information without expensive subscription or connection fees, and also fulfilling car manufacturers’ need for a sustainable business model and satisfied customers over the entire lifetime of the vehicle.”

Mediamobile’s ambition is to be at the forefront of the technology shift from analogue (RDS-TMC) to digital radio (DAB-TPEG). The company already broadcasts DAB services in Norway, is running test services in Poland, and plans to launch V-Traffic DAB services in other European countries. Mediamobile also supports partners in UK, Benelux and Italy with the aim of offering the most comprehensive range of DAB-TPEG services across Europe.   

Come and meet Mediamobile!

… in Hamburg, at the 5th Annual WorldDMB European Automotive Event on 16 May, where company representatives will answer all your questions about DAB-TPEG services in Germany.
… in Dublin, at the 9th ITS European Congress 2013, where Mediamobile will exhibit on TISA’s booth B10, CCD ground level.
… in Munich, at Telematics Update’s Content and Apps for Automotive Europe 2013 on 18-19 June, where Mediamobile’s European Sales Director Andrew Nash will be speaking.

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Sales contact:
To learn more about our services in Germany, please contact Carsten Friedrich, Account Director, Mediamobile, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TPEG is a protocol defined by TISA for delivering traffic and mobility information and other content to end-users. The protocol is language and platform independent, and supports various location referencing methods.

RDS-TMC is a technology for delivering traffic and travel information to in-car navigation systems and PNDs, using the FM-RDS system on conventional FM radio broadcasts.

About Mediamobile and V-Traffic
Mediamobile is part of leading European broadcaster TDF Group, and the foremost real-time traffic information services operator in France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland. Mediamobile’s clients include automotive manufacturers who provide traffic information services via on-board navigation systems, as well as GPS system manufacturers. Mediamobile’s services are also available via mobile phone operators’ mobile portals and navigation applications. Mediamobile services are marketed under the V-Traffic brand: for more details, visit and

About TDF
The TDF Group is at the heart of the digital revolution, developing a multi-format, multimedia terrestrial platform to manage and distribute video, audio and data content from its clients to all types of receiver. TDF is both a broadcaster of engaging subject material and a telecoms network designer, operating in the space where digital, mobile and multimedia technologies converge over many different channels such as terrestrial microwave, IP, satellite and others. TDF has a long history of creating innovative solutions and is now developing tomorrow’s communication concepts: digital cinema, 3D, connected digital terrestrial television, video on demand, catch-up TV, digital radio, web broadcast, real-time traffic information, superfast broadband telecoms networks and more. Its goal for clients and consumers is simple: providing the content you want, where you want it, how you want it. Find out more at