March 2013 - Road Weather: a new, innovative traffic information service by Météo-France and V-Traffic

When the weather seems to be nothing but snow or rain, creating slippery driving conditions, it’s a good idea to be well-informed before setting off in your car.

A new feature known as Road Weather incorporated into the V-Traffic mobility solutions provided by Mediamobile, has now made the task easier for France motorists. Designed in partnership with Météo-France, the service enables road users to receive extremely accurate, real-time information about any bad weather likely to affect their driving conditions, allowing motorists to reach their destinations as quickly and safely and possible.

V-Traffic, the main real-time traffic information service in France, provided by Mediamobile, is used by most car and satnav manufacturers. The firm’s technological partnership with Météo-France now provides ever more relevant traffic and weather forecasting for users.

Road Weather forecasts comprise a number of categories of severe weather conditions: snow, heavy rain, freezing rain, hail, thunderstorms, high winds and poor visibility.  

The Road Weather service is triggered only when one of these types of weather reaches a limit where it may disrupt traffic. To achieve this, V-Traffic experts analyse a wealth of data supplied by Météo-France, only warning users if there is likely to be a significant impact on traffic where they are.

“Depending on the type of road and traffic density, sudden changes in weather conditions may result in traffic speeds falling by as much as 50%, or even more in some cases,” explains Philippe Goudal, Mediamobile’s Head of Innovation. “Our information will help drivers decide which route to take, and naturally encourage them to drive more carefully. If the weather is particularly severe, they may even choose to postpone their journey for safety reasons.”

The fruit of expertise and collaboration between Mediamobile and Météo-France

The new Road Weather service is the result of close cooperation between Mediamobile and Météo-France. Mediamobile integrates and adapts highly detailed weather forecasts for the next hour, supplied by Météo-France for the entire French road network. To do so, it uses geo-located measurement points situated every 5 kilometres along over 120,000 km of roads.


Availability of Road Weather

Users of the www.V-Traffic.comwebsite and the My V-Traffic Premium iPhone app can already today benefit from the new Road Weather service.In addition, it will soon be available on the Météo-France website at and is commercialised to Mediamobile customers.


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About V-Traffic and Mediamobile:

Mediamobile is the leading operator of real-time traffic information services in France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland. A subsidiary of TDF (a European leader in broadcasting), Mediamobile’s clients include carmakers, who integrate traffic information solutions in their on-board navigation systems, and GPS systems manufacturers. Mediamobile’s services are also available via mobile phone operators’ mobile portals and navigation applications.

Mediamobile markets services under the V-Traffic brand.


About Météo-France:

Météo-France is a public body overseen by the French Ministry for Transport. Its primary mission is to alert the authorities and the general population in the event of imminent severe weather conditions. Its remit also extends to weather forecasting and knowledge of past and future climate conditions.

As part of its commercial activity, Météo-France produces services available to the general public that can be consulted at any time using mobile phones, landlines, connected TV or its web portal – one of the 25 most-visited sites in France. Météo-France also markets a range of professional services to fulfil various operational requirements and enrich the offerings of firms working in a range of sectors, including farming, construction, energy, media, and highways.