February 2013 - Digital Radio in Poland: Mediamobile First to Broadcast Traffic Information Service

Today, Mediamobile announced the Digital Radio broadcasting pilot test of traffic services in Poland. The services are currently broadcasted live since January in the cities of Warsaw and Kielce by the Polskie Radio – the national radio network – in collaboration with two national broadcast network operators: Emitel and Info-TV-Operator.

Mediamobile is the pioneer and leading operator of traffic information services for motorists on FM radio broadcast in France, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland, commercialised under the V-Traffic brand. The company is a subsidiary of TDF, the European leader in terrestrial broadcast, telecommunications and satellite services.

New rich multimedia traffic services

In contrast to analogue radio, the DAB+ digital radio technology makes it possible to broadcast innovative multimedia data services. Mediamobile seizes this opportunity to create new richer traffic services which may be received by the motorists in multiple ways: by text, images, maps or voice.  

Mediamobile’s test pilot broadcasts two new V-Traffic services in real-time, using the TPEG* protocol:

  • Traffic alerts (TEC) for events such as accidents, congestions and road works
  • Traffic flow information (TFP). When integrated into a car navigation equipment, this dynamic information allows the navigation system to calculate the best route based on actual traffic congestions.

Mediamobile is also planning to broadcast road weather forecasts, fuel prices, parking information and public transport information in the future.


Mediamobile to launch several DAB Traffic Services in Europe

Mediamobile is already the leading traffic broadcaster in Poland, airing its V-Traffic services over RDS-TMC (FM network) since 2010 to global car and PND brands such as Toyota, Volvo, Mio, Garmin and Becker for example.

It’s the company’s ambition is to be at the forefront of the shift from analogue (FM) to digital radio (DAB), bringing new traffic services to drivers in all European countries where the technology is being commercially deployed. The company will be launching services in other European countries this spring. 

The recent resurgence of digital radio in Europe is establishing DAB+ as the primary replacement for FM. Many automotive manufacturers already integrate navigation and in-car radio platforms supporting the standard.

DAB technology - the opening to bring high quality services to the mass-market

Thanks to the high-performing digital network, polish motorists can expect to receive more precise information, updated in real time and with better coverage than before.

With an equal service level to connected in-car navigation systems using the mobile network, broadcast solutions offer a number of advantages, such as the capacity to bring information to millions of cars simultaneously and reliably. Broadcast remains the only way to deliver mass market services, free at the point of use - without mobile data plans or roaming fees - for the vehicle lifetime.

DAB availability in Poland

Having successfully completed the first round of tests, Polskie Radio is planning to launch commercial digital radio services in the following months, in Warsaw and Katowice. After that, the company will gradually extend their coverage to the rest of the population.

Mediamobile is happy to support industrial partners wishing to test their DAB products on the TPEG protocol.


Mediamobile contacts in Poland:

To learn more about our real time traffic information services in Poland, please contact

Jacek Saczuk, sales and marketing manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  P: +48 22 6451694


Media contacts:

Agneta Ronceret This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. P: +33 1 58 68 60 95

Eric Le Yavanc This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. P +33 1 43 12 55 47


* TPEG: A protocol defined by the TISA for delivering traffic and mobility information to the end-user. The protocol is language and platform independent, and fits to various location referencing methods. This permits any device to take advantage of the content even without prior installation of a location database.

About Mediamobile and V-Traffic

Mediamobile is part of the European broadcast leader TDF Group, and the foremost real-time traffic information service operator in France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland. Mediamobile’s clients include motor vehicle manufacturers who provide traffic information services in their embedded navigation systems, as well as GPS system manufacturers. Mediamobile’s services are also available via mobile phone operators’ mobile portals and navigation applications. Mediamobile is a member of ITS Polska Association, and is taking active part in the development of Intelligent Traffic Management system in Poland. Mediamobile markets services under the V-Traffic brand: visit www.v-traffic.com and www.mediamobile.com.

About TDF

The TDF Group is at the heart of the digital revolution, developing a multi-format, multi-media terrestrial platform to manage and distribute video, audio and data content from its clients to all types of receiver. TDF is both a broadcaster of engaging subject material and a telecoms network designer. As such it lies at the convergence of digital, mobile and multimedia technology carried in a variety of ways: terrestrial microwave, IP, satellite, and so on. TDF has a long history of creating innovative solutions and is now developing tomorrow’s communications: digital cinema, 3D, connected digital terrestrial television, video on demand, catch-up TV, digital radio, web broadcast, real-time traffic information, superfast broadband telecoms networks and more. Its goal for clients and consumers is simple: providing the media you want, where you want, and how you want it. Visit www.tdf.fr