May 2013 - Mediamobile First to Broadcast Traffic Information Services over Digital Radio in Norway

Mediamobile, today announced the launch of the first commercial traffic information service to be broadcast over Norway’s digital radio network, in collaboration with popular Norwegian radio station P4. The service is already live, and will reach 90% of the country’s population by the end of 2013.

Now Norwegian motorists can expect to receive traffic information that is richer, faster and more accurate, covering the major Norwegian road network. GPS devices and in-car navigation or infotainment systems can communicate this information in multiple ways, using text, images, maps or voice.

Two new real-time V-Traffic services are broadcast using the TPEG* protocol:

Traffic alerts (TEC) inform drivers of events such as accidents, congestion and road works. It also provides road weather warnings, alerting drivers to snowfall or slippery road conditions.
Traffic flow information (TFP) accurately tracks vehicle travel speeds across Norway’s road network. In-car navigation systems that support this service can use the information to calculate the best itineraries based on real-time traffic congestion updates.

P4 and P5 radio listeners also contribute to the V-Traffic service by reporting accidents or congested traffic conditions to the radio station’s Trafikkflyt traffic operators by phone or via the Trafikkflyt smartphone app. All reported events are verified before being broadcast to digital radio listeners.

* TPEG: A protocol defined by TISA for delivering traffic and mobility information and other content to end-users. The protocol is language and platform independent, and supports a variety of location referencing methods.

Norway aims to switch off FM in 2017

The Norwegian government has announced that the country’s FM radio network will be switched off in 2017, at latest 2019, making Norway one of the first nations in the world to transition to an all-digital broadcasting network. The DAB network already covers 85% of the population, and by 2015 digital radio coverage will surpass the existing FM network.
To make DAB services accessible to everybody, consumer electronics and automotive businesses should actively seek to build high-performance DAB technology into their products. 75% of Norway’s 20 most popular car models already offer DAB radio as standard equipment or as an optional extra. Even so, many of them still need to be upgraded with receivers that support DAB-TPEG data services.

DAB technology – an ideal opportunity to bring high-quality services to the mass market
Offering a level of service equivalent to that of connected in-car navigation systems, digital broadcast solutions offer a number of advantages, including the ability to carry information reliably – without network interruptions – to millions of vehicles simultaneously. Broadcast remains the only way to deliver mass-market services that are free at point of use, without requiring mobile data plans or roaming fees, for the lifetime of the vehicle.
Mediamobile to launch DAB traffic services across Europe

Mediamobile, a subsidiary of TDF, the European leader in terrestrial broadcast, telecommunications and satellite services, is the leading operator of traffic information services broadcast over FM to motorists in France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Poland. The company’s services are marketed under the V-Traffic brand.
Mediamobile is the only broadcaster of commercial traffic information in Norway. The V-Traffic service has been aired over the RDS-TMC (FM) network since 2008, and is used by globally renowned car and PND manufacturers.
Mediamobile’s ambition is to be at the forefront of the technology shift from analogue (RDS-TMC) to digital radio (DAB-TPEG). The company has recently announced a service in Germany, and is planning to launch services in other European countries this year.
Mediamobile will be attending the Telematics Content and Applications Conference in Munich on June 18-19, 2013.