May 2012 - Traffic information to Swedish motorists secured for next 5 years

Teracom, Sweden's largest radio network operator, and Mediamobile, European traffic information provider, have signed a 5-year contract for continued analogue radio services for automotive and personal navigation systems in Sweden. The agreement guarantees Mediamobile transmission capabilities until Digital Radio is made commercially available in Sweden.

Hundreds of thousands of Swedish drivers can safely continue to receive traffic information through their GPS or navigation systems, thanks to the long-term agreement. Furthermore, it offers Mediamobile an opportunity to invest further in automatic traffic monitoring and extend its TMC platform, used by the market leading navigation systems manufacturer Garmin and others.

"The future of radio will be digital, but we are happy to be involved in developing the analogue radio with attractive services”, says Magnus Rosenberg, Marketing and Sales Director at Teracom.

Mediamobile is preparing DAB solutions in several European countries whilst continuing to expand the analogue services. "Digital radio is under development in the automotive industry. But in terms of road safety, it’s crucial to reach out to as many people as possible through the existing analogue radio”, says Petter Djerf, Scandinavian Director for Mediamobile. "Even if smartphone applications provide useful information, they simply do not offer the same benefits as services integrated into the car’s navigation system can. And, as mobile subscriptions are expensive, radio services play an important and natural part to reach out to the general public."

For more information please contact:Petter Djerf, Mediamobile Nordic,
Tel. +46 706447200, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.