May 2012 - Mediamobile’s President honoured with TISA Fellowship

Today, Michel Rénéric, President of Mediamobile SA, has been elected, by unanimous decision of the TISA Awards Committee and the TISA Steering Board for the award of "TISA Fellow". Michel Rénéric is the founder of Mediamobile and the company’s CEO since its inception in 1996. He was also the first elected Chairman of Traveller Information Services Association (TISA) from 2007 to 2009.

TISA Fellowships are awarded to individuals who have extensive experience in the TTI domain and who have attained the highest possible level of achievement over many years. A TISA Fellow is widely recognized as having contributed significantly to the performance, development, deployment or technology of services and products. “TISA Fellowship” may be a lifetime award and is limited to 10 “Fellows of TISA” at any one time.

TISA is a market-driven membership association with worldwide scope, established as a non-profit company focused on proactive implementation of traffic and travel information services and products based on existing standards, including primarily RDS-TMC and TPEG technologies. Membership of TISA is open to all public and private organizations that have an interest in Traffic and Traveller information and support the objectives of the association. The Executive office of TISA is hosted by ERTICO, in Brussels.