June 2012 - Mediamobile expanding its European coverage

Mediamobile, a leading traffic information in Europe, and Trafficmaster, a leading provider of traffic information in the United Kingdom, announced the signing of a contract that will allow Mediamobile enrich European service for vehicle manufacturers, manufacturers of navigation systems and PNDs, telecommunications companies and the media.

With this contract, Mediamobile extends its services by offering multi-country now contained traffic (traffic speeds and events) produced by Trafficmaster in the UK. This partnership will allow Mediamobile disseminate this information through the RDS-TMC technology, connected 2.5 / 3G and Web services, to offer the widest possible choice to its customers.

A traffic information service pan-European

This partnership is part of the European expansion strategy Mediamobile and builds its reputation on the market for traffic information services. It will in particular offer the RDS-TMC service most comprehensive Western Europe based on local expertise in each market where it operates. With the signing of this contract, Mediamobile enters the market of the United Kingdom, the third largest in Europe for traffic information.

While marketing its own traffic information services under the brand V-Trafic France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Poland, Mediamobile collaborates with several leading operators of national and international traffic information in Europe, including InfoBlu for Italy, already connected services partner for BMW in Europe, and Be-Mobile, which covers Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Romania. Together, they represent the broadest coverage of RDS-TMC service in Europe.
Service quality leading

"Establishing this relationship with Mediamobile goes with the changing market of traffic information in Europe. It gives the opportunity to participate in the Trafficmaster offers RDS-TMC services the most comprehensive European market. Shareholders Mediamobile it starts, we share many values, including a strong commitment vis-à-vis the quality of service" says Craig Blount, Director Traffic Services from Trafficmaster.

Integration and processing of traffic flow information provided by Trafficmaster and procedures meet the same level of demand that led to the French company to rise to the rank of number one traffic information on its various markets. The two companies will work together to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards Mediamobile using quality control tools specially developed by the editor of V-Traffic.

"Our partnership with Trafficmaster is an important step in the expansion of Mediamobile for a pan-European coverage, it is part of our commitment to disseminate the best available traffic data for each market. Thus, our business customers can easily access a full range of products, while motorists will cross Europe by receiving the most accurate traffic information and without interruption, "said Vincent Godec, CEO of Mediamobile.

About Trafficmaster

Expert in intelligent driving, Trafficmaster UK is part of the same group as the company Teletrac Inc. and US-based Fleet Management Solutions ® (FMS). These companies are the three of them 10,000 customers and 250,000 vehicles in the United Kingdom and the United States. Each in its work to develop intelligent services for the automotive industry, with the aim to offer a unique experience of driving and improve business performance by saving them time and money on travel, while limiting the impact on the environment and ensuring the safety of vehicles and drivers.

Trafficmaster maintains a unique network of 5,200 traffic sensors that generate real-time information on high quality motorways and trunk roads in the UK. Live traffic information is available to clients via the RDS-TMC technology, telephone kiosk, Internet and other distribution channels. For more information, visit www.trafficmaster.co.uk, or www.vectorcapital.com www.teletrac.net